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[doku12] torstein wjiik . old fashion horror movies

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[doku12] torstein wjiik . old fashion horror movies

[doku12] torstein wjiik . old fashion horror movies

all tracks recorded in february, 2007 by kjetil hanssen in his bedroom.
everything recorded with a cheap microphone with a broken cord.
lo-fi, unedited and unmixed noise.
instruments used on this release:

Mixer w/FX
Pump Organ
Broken Cables

special thanks to miguel a. garcía.



about old fashion horror movies.

This release is a collection of early harsh noise works recorded as lo-fi recordings. All the tracks were recorded in February, 2007. This is both a documentation and a collection of works representing the early acustic harsh noise exploration from "Torstein Wjiik". With a long career of using software in real-time recordings to be on the safe side, this is a completely acoustic album. The tracks here are unedited, unmixed and unmastered. It's the exact recordings which was done there and then.

On each record released by "Torstein Wjiik" there's an idea or a specific pattern that has been put to life. This - as well as every other release - is a personal album. This is older material chosen because it reflects the time of it's recording in a good way and is a good documentation on how the project has become what it is today. It's a never ending project, and as long as there's more to explore, "Wjiik" will continue. This here stands alone on the side of the other releases as it's a collection of older material, it's unedited and shows some early acoustic experimenting from the artist.


Torstein Wjiik is the solo-project of Kjetil Hanssen, started in October, 2005 to explore sounds and experimenting with improvisation. Kjetil Hanssen was borned on April 2nd, 1988 in Oslo, Norway, which still is his home town. The name "Torstein Wjiik" came from a common Norwegian name "Torstein", and inspiration of Dutch spelling on "Wjiik". At the time listening a lot to Cornelis Vreeswijk (Dutch-Sweedish troubadour), "Wjiik" was a quite (in)logical decision to use. The name "Torstein" came after seeing an interview with an unknown guy on the news.

Before "Torstein Wjiik", Kjetil had a project called "Haapløst FlexibL", which released CDr's in extremely low quantity per release. This was more of a humorous personal project which was more focused on the lyrics than the music.

After starting "Torstein Wjiik" it didn't take too long before "Haapløst FlexibL" was put on hold. At the moment, Kjetil a couple of other solo-projects as well; "Origami Metallika" focusing on harsh noise made on scrap metal, "Tape Rape" which is a tape-sound recycling noise-project, and a third secret project which is up to others to reveal. He also has some collaboration projects as part of "Cadmium Wjiik", "The Wjiik Animal Project", "Origami Satanika", "Lydhode" "Norwegian Noise Orchestra" and a so far unnamed duo with Arnfinn Killingtveit of "Swamps Up Nostrils" and "Helmeticrononaut". He has also been working on collaborations with up to this point unreleased material with artists as André Borgen, Wouter Jaspers, Steinar Stensen and Jan-Morten Iversen.

On the side of all his music making he's also running a couple of labels. The hyper-active "Ambolthue Records" being the main label with over 70 releases, all in various fields of experimental music, from psychedelic, drones, noise, music concréte, etc. The sub-lable "Tape Rape Records" - not to be mixed up with the solo-project of the same name - is focused more on just tape related harsh noise. He's also got a couple of labels with other friends, like "Kassettkultur" (another tape label) and "Anti-Records Company", both with runned together with Petter Flaten Eilertsen (Synesthetic Recordings & Love Hz). It's also the hybrid label between "Ambolthue" and "Kifrecording" from Poland called "Kifbolthue", which is a net-label releasing exclusive MP3s. And not to forget his first label "Kjetil Productions" who released all the "Haapløst FlexibL" stuff as well as some other strange projects from Kjetil.

When recording or performing as "Torstein Wjiik", Kjetil uses the classical noise ideology of getting an idea and putting it to life. The project is used for works where Kjetil explores new fields, trying out and simply just experiments. All of Kjetil's music is made for the love of it. It's not to be confused with the Anti-music ideology that many people think noise music is. Wether or not you decide to call it music is up to you, but Kjetil makes is noises and sounds because it's something there within it all that he finds interresting. It may be because it's beautiful, or it may be because it's a mood within it all. But when it all comes together it's only joyful sounds. So called "Happy-Noise", to use a term often used by Lasse Marhaug and the Origami Republika-godfather, Tore Honoré Bøe.

Torstein Wjiik Discography:

-Demo (2 copies) CDr
-Torstein Wjik Demo (Same as above, 10 copies with new artwork) CDr
-Untitled-;- (Kjetil Productions, 40 copies) CDr
-GranittRock Demo, CDr-Demo (TibProd.) MP3-Album
-Tape Music Vol. 1 (10 copies) C60
-RadioNoiseGuitar, CDr
-Ny Arm, CDr
-Tape Music Vol. 2 (25 copies) C90
-Komprimert Munn (30 copies) CDr
-Balloon (Ambolthue, 24 copies) CDr
-Judgement Day (Ambolthue, 20 copies) CDr-Card
-Toads (Dim Records, 33 copies) CDr
-Beetle Shake (Ambolthue) MP3-single
-Have A Noise Day (R.O.N.F. Records) CDr
-War (Ambolthue, 39 copies) CDr
-Øresus & Dus (Split with S.U.N., Amolthue/Krakilsk) CDr
-Victims Of Religion (Split with Cadmium Dunkel, Ambolthue, 90 copies) CDr
-Moth Powder (Badschematic/Ambolthue) MP3-Album/CDr
-RPM FTW (Ambolthue) MP3-EP
-Conflictive Climas (Split with Mixturizer, Smell The Stench) MP3
-Tape Music Vol.3 (Tape Rape Records, 15 copies) C60
-Live At Støy På Landet (Ambolthue, 30 copies) 3"CDr
-Live At Støy På Landet (Ambolthue, 17 copies) 3"DVDr
-Live & Such Demo, CDr-Demo
-Once Again... Here Is Wjiik (Kifrecording, 10 copies) CDr
-Disturbance, The 13th (5-way split, R.O.N.F. Records, 99 copies) CDr
-Crack The Surface (Split with Fever Spoor, Anima Mal Nata) CDr
-Komprimert Munn (Dokuro, 70 copies) 3"CDr
-Foggy Forest (Twilight Luggage) MP3-Album
-Hiroshima (Ambolthue, 40 copies) CDr
-Balance Of Disorder... (Ambolthue/Kifrecording, 33 copies) CDr
-My Father's Dog (25 copies) CDr
-Boogie-Boy's Day, Summed Up In A Minute, WAV-Single
-Julaften Julaften JULAFTEN For Fan! (Ambolthue) MP3-Album
-Minimal Surprise (Anti-Records Company, 20 copies) Vinyl Fragment
-Quiet Local Frog (25 copies) CDr
-One Year Of Noise (Ambolthue, 100 copies) CDr-Box


Torstein Wjiik |
Tape Rape
Origami Metallika |
Haapløst FlexibL
Kjetil Hanssen
Cadmium Wjiik
Origami Satanika |
Arnfinn Duo
WA-Project TBA

Ambolthue Records |
Anti-Records Company
Kjetil Productions
Tape Rape Records


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